2015, December | 3rd Consortium Meeting

Internship Reports

Adrian Turcanu | Internship Report

Dumitri Nuca | Promotion of Technologies via Technology Transfer Office's website of the Technical University of Moldova

Margareta Perdeleanu | Practise and master's thesis

Stefan Popa | The internship results, including thesis plan and main results achieved

Resitca Rodica | Innovation Management in the Agricultural Education System of the Republic of Moldova

Resitca Rodica, Gorobet Rodion, Sclifos Igor, Popa Grigore | Master training program at IST

Cristina Ciobanu | Technology Transfer Centre Establishment and Functioning withing the university framework

Tatiana Mihailov | Practice Report and Master thesis

Igor Sclifos | Management of motivation according to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in agriculture

Internship at Technical University of Kosice

Ana Hubca | Internship September 21 - October 21 | University of Sannio

Dumitru Cojoc | Presentation of internship results and thesis draft

Denis Gatman | Innovation management in orgranization: problems and perspectives on an example of Ltd. "StroMash"

Mihaela Balmus-Andone | Innovative business development modalities in the university environment

Gorobet Rodion | Studying and implementation of spin-offs within the State Agrarian University of Moldova

Tatiana Bulimaga | Intellectual Property Management in Technology Transfer Office activity

Usatii Ruslan | Analysis and implementation of monitoring systems of active network equipment

Popa Grigore | Technology transfer at Institute of Agricultural Technique "Mecagro" - A detailed study to identify the optimal organisational design for technology transfer department

Tatiana Tituschina | Internship Results and Thesis Drafts