TecTNet awarded "The Hamangia Thinker" at INVENTICA 2015 and XIX International Conference of Inventics

The XIX-th International Exhibition of Inventics, Research and Technological Transfer "INVENTICA 2015”, and the XIX-th International Conference of Inventics were held between June, 24-26, 2015 in Iasi in the
Hall of Lost Steps and Aula of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi.
With this occasion were presented 182 patents and 11 research and technological transfer projects. The conference included 54 scientific papers related to innovation and scientific research.
The participants have been the representatives of universities, research centers, companies and NGOs  from 13 countries such as France, Italy, Moldova, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Russian Federation, England, Ukraine, Trukmenistan and Romania.
Two TUIASI team members of the TecTNet project, prof. Lucache Dorin and prof. Haba Cristian, have participated in the Exposition and Conference.
The paper “TECTNET - A Project for Improving the Technological Transfer in Republic of Moldova” authored by prof. Lucache and Haba has been included in the conference proceedings and was presented in one of  the conference oral sessions.
During the exhibition, the two TecTNet members have disseminated the information regarding the implementation of the TecTNet project at one of the booths of “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi where a poster of the TecTNet project was displayed. Numerous participants have stopped at the booth interested in the development of TecTNet project with emphasis on the implementation of the technological transfer in the Moldovan universities. The visitors received TecTNet brochures and flyers and answers for all their questions regarding the project.
As recognition of the quality of TecTNet project and the activity of result dissemination during “Inventica 2015”, the Organizing Committee has awarded the TecTNet project and for the two TecTNet members the golden medal “The Hamangia Thinker”.